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Going Miles with his music

George Gill

Going Miles with his music

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ADELE, LADY GAGA, MTV Music Awards, Grammy Awards. You name the artiste or major entertainment occasion and chances are Miles Robertson has crossed paths with them and been there, done that. 

Miles could be a household name here in Barbados, but he’s not into the whole “celebrity” thing. 

“People are drawn to celebrity . . . . It just so happens that I work in an industry where I am in close proximity to that a lot of times, because I work with artists who are celebrities, people who are famous. People tie you to that because I work with artists like Adele. There is a fame and popularity aspect to that, but . . . that’s not something I think of; I don’t think I ever wanted to be famous. I’m a true artist and musician at the core, where it’s all about the music and not about me,” Miles said.

Most in Barbados know of Miles’ musical background, but being “well versed” and “making it” are two different things. The missing key was a bit of direction and encouragement. That came from Peter Headley, who would become his manager.

What started as good rapport through friendship – the two having met through mutual friends when Miles was in the United States, travelling to New York and doing a few gigs and some jamming – then took on the semblance of a working relationship in earnest upon the passing of Miles’ mother Janice Millington-Robertson. 

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