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‘Nasty’ politics

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‘Nasty’ politics

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Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Senator Maxine McClean has lambasted those who would seek to sabotage efforts to invest in Barbados.
Calling such actions “nastiness”, she told the Senate during debate on the Value Added Tax (Amendment) Bill yesterday that when people who were supposed to be patriotic, loyal and dedicated Barbadians went around encouraging people to hold their investments because of narrow partisan political views, then all Barbadians had cause for concern.
“All I can ask is, who in their right minds who care about this country would go to such depths of nastiness to seek to sully those waters?” she said, adding that such people were not only hurting political opponents but damaging the future of Barbados.
“I would caution anybody . . . that by trying to encourage people to postpone investment and by trying to paint a negative picture of this administration, they are not hurting individuals. It is the children of the vendor, of the policeman, of the nurse, of the fisherman, dentist, lawyer . . . . It will affect the very businesspeople whose minds are being poisoned. These things are whispered in the corridors, but they can do immense damage,” she told  the Upper House.
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