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All some men want is just a pretty face

rhondathompson, [email protected]

All some men want  is just a pretty face

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I WAS IN A RELATIONSHIP with a guy for about seven years.
During that time he was studying. Lo and behold, after attaining his professional qualifications he met and married someone else. She is of mixed race and pretty to look at.
After a few years, he looked me up and had the audacity and gall to ask me for sex.
Am I a prostitute?
He said he still loved me and his wife was just a pretty face. I sent him packing. He hurt me but I will always care for him as he was my first boyfriend.
Men need to decide what they want in a relationship. Sometimes the “pretty face” is not all. She latched onto him. She got a “palace” to live in, a “big ride” to drive, everything she needed, plus she stopped working.
She plays housewife as she got everything she wanted materially.
Me, I loved the man. He was everything to me. But he chose her instead of me. It is something I live with. I still miss him.
I’ve been battling issues of low self-esteem, depression and a sense of rejection for years.
The man I married has been a big disappointment to me. Why did I ever marry him, I ask myself?
I guess I did because he reminded me of my friend of years ago. But I learnt my lesson. No man is an idol.
I have given my whole heart to my God. I have learnt that you should give your heart to God. He builds you up, [and will] not tear you down. He loves you for yourself, totally and completely, if you give Him a chance.
To all the atheists and skeptics out there I say, you’ve got to be joking. God and God alone has mended my broken heart, raised my self-esteem, and taught me that I’m a woman of value. I am important to him!
All women are not out to get married men. All women don’t think about what a man can give them. Some of us love.
What do men want?
My story shows just how some men think and how they choose women.