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NIS agony

Yvette Best

NIS agony

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SELF-EMPLOYED PEOPLE who do not contribute to the National Insurance Scheme are the biggest concern for the National Insurance Department.
Minister of Labour and Social Security Dr Esther Byer-Suckoo, who made the comment, said she was concerned about the low level of compliance among the self-employed group, which spanned professions.
She told the DAILY NATION after the 45th anniversary service for the NIS at the River Road New Testament Church yesterday: “It’s self-employed people at the top and at the bottom. It’s your doctors, lawyers, engineers; it’s your gardeners, seamstresses, hairdressers – its right across the board.
“People whose deductions are not taken out naturally from their wages, the onus is on them [to pay]. So a lot of people either forget to do it, aren’t aware that they should, aren’t aware that National Insurance can provide benefits for them as well,” she stated.
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