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Silent doctors specially for men

Annette Maynard-Watson

Silent doctors specially for men

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If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress. – United States’ President Barack Obama.
I am truly overjoyed to have evolved on a planet with men. In fact, I find that men are intriguing and sometimes misunderstood. That is why my advice to men is, continue to walk down the path towards good health and attend your health meetings; eventually you will see progress. This month as we celebrate the essence of manhood and fatherhood, the emphasis will be on men, health and silent doctors.
The aim of this article is to provide pointers towards better health for men.
• Keep connected with the Creator and pay attention to your spiritual nature.
• Take charge of your life.
• Invest in devices to maintain good health, such as a blood pressure monitor.
• Remind yourself that health challenges will not vanish through ignorance; it is better to seek professional help.
• Read articles and magazines about male issues and program your cellphone or other devices to receive health alerts from Google or others.
• Share health information with other men. • Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, eating fatty or fried foods; consume more holistic foods.
• Pursue more harmonious relations.
• Practise wholesome living and avoid the lies and gossip associated with infidelity as this can challenge your health. Read May 27, 2012 Sunday Sun article Cheating Kills Men.
• Maintain high self-esteem by thinking positively and associating with others who think positively.
• Silent doctor nettle can be used as a tea to keep the prostate healthy.
• All meals should include large portions of steamed or raw vegetables.
• A good stamina booster: 1½ cups coconut water, 1 banana, 1 tsp linseed, 2 small okras, ½ cup gully root tea, cooled.  Blend or ten minutes.
• If you have a sedentary job, be sure to include plenty of exercise in your daily routine.
• Enroll in programmes that show how to prepare healthy meals so you can assist in preparing your meals.
• If you have problems with erections, seek professional help and include silent doctors pineapple, dog dumpling, clove, gully root, fingrigo, blue vervain. cow itch products, banana, avocado, lettuce, watermelon, pawpaw and pomegranate in your programme. •Those with high blood pressure or diabetes can consider blue vervain, dog dumpling, soursop and bay leaf concoctions.
Remember, good health equals great wealth.
• Annette Maynard-Watson, a teacher and herbal educator, may be contacted via [email protected] or by telephone 250-6450.
DISCLAIMER: It is not our intention to prescribe or make specific claims for any products. Any attempt to diagnose or treat real illness should come under the direction of your health care provider.