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Bajan son dies in shooting

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Bajan son dies in shooting

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A Bajan mother on Long Island, Eldene King, is mourning the loss of her son, Shawn Bryan, who cops in Massachusetts insist committed suicide after killing an officer in Springfield.
But King, who lives in Westbury, New York, told reporters she believed her son was shot by an unknown person after he had killed the cop.
“I don’t believe Shawn killed himself,” the mother told a reporter. “I believe he was shot by somebody. He would never kill a police officer. There are no witnesses to say who shot who.”
Bryan, 34, was a New York City corrections officer and he is alleged to have shot and killed Kevin Ambrose, a cop in Springfield, when he responded to a call about domestic violence at the home of Charlene Mitchell, 29.
Massachusetts police said Bryan fired two shots through the door of his former girlfriend’s apartment and the cop died from a bullet to the head. He then turned the gun on his former girlfriend and ran from the apartment to his car where he is said to have shot himself.
Mitchell was rushed to a hospital where her condition was described as stable. She is expected to survive the tragedy.
The shooting took place an hour after Mitchell got a court to issue an order of protection. She had told the court that Bryan was “a demon” who terrorized her.
“All the stuff going on, the mother (Charlene’s) perpetuated,” said the Barbadian.
Ambrose was the first officer in Springfield to lose his life in the line of duty in more than 25 years and Sergeant John Delaney credited him with saving Mitchell’s life.
Bryan lived in an apartment in Hempstead, Long Island, and his mother told reporters he was concerned about the mother of his child taking the one-year-old away from him and that was the reason he drove to Springfield.
“I don’t believe it happened the way that it (allegedly) happened,” his mother said. “Shawn would not kill himself. Shawn was shot.”
The Bajan insisted that before people rushed to judgment about the killings they “need to know the truth of what happened. Okay, we are just hearing one side of the story. I don’t know how far the investigation is. No one from the Springfield Police Department has contacted us to say anything. We don’t know exactly what happened.”