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Two schools closed until Monday

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Two schools closed until Monday

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STUDENTS OF THE St Angela’s and Ursuline Convent schools were sent home early yesterday after complaining of itchy skin, and feeling unwell.
St Angela’s School was closed early on Wednesday because of concerns over asbestos roofing from nearby buildings at the Enmore Facility at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
The schools’ administrator Susan Chinnery said the closure was a precautionary measure since staff was unsure what was causing the irritation.
Chinnery said that she would refrain from connecting the itchy skin complaints to concerns over the asbestos roof. However, she indicated that the school would remain closed until Monday as it would have to undergo industrial cleaning.
“We don’t have a figure as to how many students were affected, but we have taken the decision to close both of the schools. The CXC students are not being affected and CXC continues,” said Chinnery.
“Mr Jeffrey Headly, [director] of the Environmental Protection Department, came to the school earlier and he assured us that he would deploy a team in areas around the school to see if cow itch or some other problem is causing the itching.” (AH)