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Young hip hop artist has Bajan roots

Ricky Jordan

Young hip hop artist has Bajan roots

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A YOUNG BARBADIAN is starting to make waves on the American rap/hip hop scene.
He is 21-year-old Eric Trotman, known as Sealy Troh, the son of Barbadian parents in the suburbs of Southern California’s Antelope Valley.
Not only has Sealy Troh creatively combined his grandfather’s surname, Sealy, with his dad’s name, Trotman, and came up with Sealy Troh, he is in the process of releasing his first mix tape and has a debut video, Another Day, which is getting encouraging reviews on YouTube.
He has also composed, written, co-produced and performed a number of other songs.
“It’s like I become a different person when I perform,” says Troh, who has performed on a dozen or so shows in the Antelope Valley area.
“I experience a rush when I’m on stage. My adrenalin peaks and I practically take on another persona. It’s like I’m not the same day to day person. The audience, even when it’s their first time hearing my music, feel it, too.”
According to Sealy Troh’s bio, few hop hop artists deliver with the deliberative flow and depict the youthful, emotive angst as presented in his original lyrics.
“Troh’s music is an eclectic culmination of every scene he’s ever been into or listened to. He is a fan of artists like Daft Punk, People Under The Stairs, Kendrick Lamar, Atmosphere, Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac,” his bio states, noting he is also influenced by the genres of ska, hardcore, punk, metal and hip hop.
 “Like those styles, those genres, I’m drawn to lyrics where there are messages about living your life and being free,” he added.
A biology major, Troh attempted membership in several bands before striking out on his own as a solo rap artist, but after having musicians not show up for sessions, he simply couldn’t take it anymore.
 “I wanted to do something that solely depended on me. Rapping is a do it yourself genre. If your lines or lyrics are weak, then that’s on you. I wanted something that made me responsible for who I am – where I could rely mainly on me to show up,” was how he put it.
Sealy Troh is currently working on songs for his first EP/Mixtape, having thrilled fans with Yesterday and the dark and hollow production of All I Know.
His parents Leonard and Clovene Trotman are expectedly proud of their teenaged son, who has also done well in the classroom with a 4.0 average in biology at Antelope Valley College, where he made the Dean’s list.
Sealy Troh has also opened for up-and-coming rappers Masta Ace, Marco Polo, Zion I, Eligh and Dane J, and is currently working with producer Reno Rankin.
“As parents, you have to support your kids in whatever they want to do as long as it is positive,” said Leonard, who has two children, the other being United States Navy officer Stacy Gleason.
“I’m in a great place,” said Troh. “Music has been opening up lots of opportunities for me.
“I want my friends and family to benefit from those opportunities, too. That’s what drives me!”