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Still open for business

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Still open for business

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IN A WIDE-RANGING ADDRESS to numerous Canadian entrepreneurs at a downtown, Front Street West Toronto Board of Trade meeting, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart delivered the message that “Barbados is a proven solution to Canadian investors and is still open for business”.
In the address on Friday to a packed Royal York ballroom, he portrayed Barbados as a country with a business-oriented environment that is conducive to productive economic pursuits.
Several business people and potential investors heard from Stuart why they should view Barbados as a preferred offshore jurisdiction for doing business.
Throughout his address, which was filled with information about the opportunities being offered by Barbados, its modern facilities and stability as well as its human resource and technological development, he listed a number of reasons why Barbados stood out in comparison with other domiciles.
His theme: The Barbados-Canada Partnership: Maximising Global Competitiveness, resonated in much of his address, with self-answering rhetorical queries that showed Barbados as an appealing, competitive and desirable domicile.
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