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DEAR CHRISTINE: Think twice before having abortion

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Think twice before having abortion

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Dear Christine,
THIS HAS BEEN over 12 years now since I’ve had an abortion and I live each day regretting that stand that I took.
I read last week that one of your readers admitted to having an abortion when she was much younger and the effect it had on her life. Mine is really no different. I often wonder what my child would have been – whether a boy or a girl; which school he would have attended and how I robbed my parents of a grandson or grand-daughter. When Child Month comes along in May and the little children are being featured all around, I also think about that child.
 I won’t go into giving my whole story, but my case was one where I just was not sure I wanted a child at the age I was at back then. I know I cannot turn back the hands of time. I am not married and I am not now sexually active, but I do have a boyfriend, who will soon be my husband. I know that I will not be able to give him any children, and luckily, he has two. Their mother is no longer living.
Like the writer of last week’s letter, I want to let women out there know that having an abortion will haunt you for life – unless of course- you receive God’s forgiveness.
Take my advice and that other reader’s advice. Think twice before having an abortion – then refuse to have one.  All life is precious.
– Margaret
Dear Margaret,
Thanks for your letter, and for sharing this part of your life with readers. As I’ve said last week, I hope your letter will be a deterrent for those contemplating having an abortion.
It certainly cannot be easy living with such regret.