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Housing help from Adventists

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Housing help from Adventists

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The Lynch family of 1st Avenue, Jackson, St Michael, are a much happier family, thanks to the Adventist Services and Industries (ASI) Barbados chapter and the Rural Development Commission (RDC), who partnered in this worthy project.
President of the ASI, Wendell Cozier, “the need for assistance with the repairs of a house was brought to our attention and we approached the RDC, who were willing to provide the material, which included flooring boards, windows and other materials.
“we provided the labour from within our churches, mostly the Breath of Life SDA [Seventh Day Adventist] Church, who were eager to come out on Sundays and provide labour free of cost.”
Cozier went on to say: “We intend to finish the floor and put on the front door today, so that this family can be safe from the elements and walk safely around in their home, for this is part of our mandate as we are a body within the East Caribbean Conference of SDA churches ho provide such assistance to persons who are desperately in need.”
Family member Roger Lynch said: “The house was in a state of disrepair, and my mother Coraline was trying to do the repairs, but unfortunately she passed away on Mother’s Day this year and things became even harder for me, my sister Michelle and brother Alex.
“so we are very grateful to the church and the RDC for their kindness and, as you can see, we will be able to sleep in comfort when the house is finished.” (RL)