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Women cheating more

Sherie Holder-Olutayo

Women cheating more

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The news is out, and men be warned. Women are cheating as much or even more so than you, and chances are you won’t know a thing about it.
While men cheat looking for sex or the thrill of a new conquest, women do it to fill the need for an emotional void. But that’s not all, some women cheat for revenge, boredom or the thrill of sexual novelty. But one thing is certain they are cheating more.
Perhaps women have changed, but like men they want to feel wanted and if men aren’t making them feel that way, they are liable to seek sexual satisfaction elsewhere.
Gone are the days when a woman would suffer silently while her partner sought out his pleasures elsewhere. Call it payback, but today’s women are adopting the philosophy of what’s good for the goose . . . .
Our Facebook readers were quick to chime and give their opinions on the fact that women are cheating more.  Here’s what some of them had to say:
Princess Neferua: Good for them equal the playing field.
Rawle Spooner: Is this supposed to be a surprise, only a fool won’t have known this fact. Women hide it well, the cover their tracks a lot better than most men.
Sharon Woolley: Why is it that they are willing to dice with death by not using condoms? If you are going to cheat on your man don’t cheat with your life.
Janine Greaves: Men and women cheat yes, but women also tend to be way smarter than men when cheating. Cheating is supposed to be kept hushed, men tend to have big egos and they will tell someone who will tell someone else and it snowballs from there . . . .
Wayne Codrington: That’s old news . . . . We all know women were doing dirt long time nothing new. I don’t think it’s being smarter I think it’s being safe has nothing to do with being smarter. Men really don’t care all about the hiding like women do. Women know if they get caught it could be death, men simply don’t care. Women think about being killed men don’t that’s all it is.
Sheer Elegance Drakes: The reality is both sexes cheat . . . in the past it appeared that men cheated more than women. Now it almost seems like an equal playing field where cheating is concerned. Both sexes are hurt by being victims of their partners cheating, they are hurt emotionally and in some cases they are hurt where their health is concerned. Both  sexes are guilty here.