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Rough ride

Barry Alleyne

Rough ride

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THE?Randolph Fields Velodrome, Barbados’ lone facility for track cycling, is in a serious state of disrepair.
There are visible cracks in the concrete on the 500-metre track in at least three different places, algae has formed in numerous areas, and in two instances, there is even exposed steel, putting riders at considerable risk.
The Barbados Cycling Union (BCU), which has called the track home for more than 40 years, has nowhere else to go, and is forced every Wednesday evening to put its membership at risk to stage its Track League competition.
A local company, Preconco, has even volunteered to repair the areas of cracked concrete, but bureaucratic red tape is delaying that move, as the BCU prepares to stage its biggest event, the National Cycling Championships, early next month.
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