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Copper bandits strike

Maria Bradshaw

Copper bandits strike

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IN?THE?DEAD?of night, thieves made off with a quantity of copper from the electrical meter attached to the newly renovated Chapel at Westbury Cemetery.
An employee made the shocking discovery when she turned up for work yesterday morning and found the concrete on the ground dug up and several pieces of conduit lying around.
The wire attached to the meter was carefully cut and the precious metal skilfully removed.
On surveying the property, Acting Superintendent of Cemeteries Stephen Niles also discovered that thieves had tampered with the copper attached to the office building. Again, there were pieces of discarded conduit and a couple had been partially ripped from the walls but the thieves had been unable to get them.
“This is a professional job,” Niles said, pointing out that the person would have known how to avoid the live high-tension wires.
Read the full story in today’s SUNDAY?SUN.
Pictured: GRAVE?SITUATION: Sanitation Service Authority corporate communications officer Carl Padmore (right) and Acting Superintendent of Cemeteries Stephen Niles examining the broken concrete and pieces of conduit left by thieves when they made off with the copper. Inset, Niles holding the conduit which was cut from the meter base by copper thieves.