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Ilaro hosts and toasts new GG

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Ilaro hosts and toasts new GG

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The cocktail reception hosted at Government House to celebrate the installation of Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave was a classy affair with impressive fashion and lots of chatter.
There were over 300 guests, many of whom had earlier gone to the Senate Chamber to witness the installation, and much of the talk on Government House lawns was about the pomp and grandeur of the installation.
The legal fraternity was well represented as one from among them had just been elevated to the highest position in the land, and walking around the party one occasionally hear a story of the fearless prosecutor and later High Court Judge.
Here, A family affair: members of the Governor General’s family at the Government House reception (from left) nephew Darwin Edwards, granddaughter Alicia Matheson, nephew Winfield Scott, daughter Susan Matheson and grandson Richard Matheson.