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Proceed with care!

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Proceed with care!

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C.O. WILLIAMS CONSTRUCTION has urged pedestrians using the Redman’s Village area to be cautious as work continues on the sidewalk pavement there.
The company said in a release that while it had undertaken work there, it was still necessary to be careful.
People using the area need to observe the barriers and signage put in place to prevent pedestrians from walking there.
“This became necessary following the recent excavation work on that segment of the roadway which compromised the integrity of the pavement. The construction team decided to isolate the pavement in the interest of public safety.
“It is expected that the area will be backfilled and compacted by June 15 to such a point that this would not pose any major problem for pedestrians, but they must continue to exercise caution in all areas of the construction zone,” the statement said.
A DAILY NATION team visited the area on Saturday and saw the area still barricaded to prevent passage.
There was also evidence that the area had been filled in to a point but the work was still incomplete and is expected to continue today.
In addition, the bus stop at Redman’s had been relocated further south and C.O. Williams Construction thanked the public for its understanding and compliance.
“The construction team compliments the commuters who are complying with the site instructions and observing the barriers, caution tape and signage. When citizens see barriers and caution tape, under no circumstances must they venture beyond these points as these measures have been put in place to protect their own safety,” the company said. (PR/CA)