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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: A time an’ place fuh takin’ photos!

marciadottin, [email protected]

BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: A time  an’ place fuh  takin’ photos!

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Dear Nesta,
I hope yuh awright an’ in a better state o’ mine dan me.
Sihmuh hey, I been in total shock sence I pass by Philomena house de ethuh night an’ hear piano music comin’ from it.
Now, I never once hear dat she coulda play a piano, in fack – any instrument a-tall – so you could imagine my great surprise. An’ wuh you t’ink she was playin’? De Funeral March. When I axe who she was mournin’ fuh, she tell muh Redjet. It now finally dead an’ she gi’in’ it a good sen’-off.   
Acktually, de way dis airline gone off de scene still got muh li’l confuse. It look to me as ef Mr Burns eithuh get a big rock to hol’, or in we Bajan language had ’e head tie up in sech tight knots, dat ’e c’n onderstan’ wuh duh discuss at de meetin’s
he atten’ wid Guvment. Well, ’e shoulda walk wid a interpreter. Right?
He was de onlies’ person wid de impression de airline was gettin’ $8 million. Tell de troof, aldoh hopin’ fuh de bes’, I muhself was wonderin’ why Guvment would fine money fuh REDjet when ethuhs in de line breavin’ down duh necks. But den, I en no “big brains”.
De han’shake turn out, after all, not to be as impo’tant as Mr Burns t’ought, and it appear had neffin to do wid any solemn ondertakin’, but was mebbee jes’ a polite “goodbye” at de en’ o’ de “talks”.
Now, evuhbody lips “pin”, so it only lef’ to de REDjet chairman to hop in ’e plane an’ prepare fuh’ tek-off. He shoulda walk wid a tape recorder or a camera so we all woulda know wuh really discuss at dah meetin’.  
Y’mean, he been ’bout hey all dese monfs, an’ en see how we always at de ready to snap anyt’ing dat barely move? Wheyevuh yuh turn, day or night, it could be good, bad or ugly, true or false, we snappin’ an’ texxin’. It is sech a way o’ life dese days, dat some people tekkin’ it too far in duh eagerness to help “spread de word” far an’ wide. At times, dem BlackBerrys, iPads an’ Facebook wuk ovuhtime fuh all de wrong reasons.  
Tek dat tragic accident dat happen de ethuh day. Befo’ yuh could even blink, picktures o’ de dead woman, lyin’ in de road, was goin’ roun’ widout any t’ought fuh de fambly feelin’s. Is it dat we reachin’ de stage whey we losin’ all compassion fuh we fella man, an’ only jes’ ready to spread news – sometimes not even true – ’bout people?  
Dis photo-takin’ craze like it gettin’ out o’ han’, yuh! Nowadays, yuh cyahn go out an’ enjoy yuhself widout runnin’ de risk o’ some “photo houn’” roamin’ ’bout, snappin’, snappin’ . . . nearly always ketchin’ yuh off guard.
Fuhget an’ nod off, or start yawnin’ at a lecture or anyt’ing so, an’ see ef some eager “eagle eye” don’ spot yuh an’ jump at de chance to record yuh fuh de worl’ to see. Eatin’ out – lunches, dinners, dem sort o’ t’ings – is risky bizness too. De roamin’ evuh-ready lens right up “in yuh face”, to ketch yuh wid mouf wide open tekkin’ in a forkful or two. Wuh, yuh cyahn even “res’ in peace” at funerals.  
Philomena an’ muhself decide dat when we out some place an’ see lights flashin’, as long as we sure it en lightnin’, we ’pon de alert. Y’see, we really would prefer not to en’ up in de police station, or in somebody “holider pictures” album – sometimes far enuff from Buhbayduss. Anyway, as we know we en ’pon no “Wanted Lis’”, ef couple get t’rough, we keepin’ cool. All fuh Jesus.
I hope Mr Burns learn ’e lesson.
Tek care o’ yuhself, Yuh frien’ Babsie