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Chinese puzzle

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

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Is it true that members of the visiting Chinese delegation were stunned when they visited the Wildey Gymnasium, which the Chinese financed and built?
Their shock came, so we were reliably told, from a picture hanging on the wall in an office.
Apparently, the picture was that of an Oriental who was not from mainland China.
Cou Cou was told that this blunder left all those who had worked hard and made an impression on their hosts look bad. This incident was considered so serious that a report explaining just how the picture came to be there and who did it was requested within 48 hours.
We can only wonder now if heads will roll for this.
No return
Word that the Kingmaker will be back to weave his magic ahead of the next general election is being flatly denied by those close to him.
The individual said it was unlikely the Kingmaker would return as he likes a year to prepare his prescription and give it time to work. But with under 12 months due before the bell rings here, it is highly unlikely he would be inclined to take on that responsibility now.
What’s more, the individual pointed out that given the boss man’s known disposition, it would amount to an about-turn for him to ask the Kingmaker to come around.
So though there are some in that party who may want to see the return of this miracle worker, it seems he remains out of the loop – ever so welcome, but still waiting for a call.
Politician on pause
It’s said that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but from what Cou Cou has been told, hell can’t match the anger of any politician who thinks he has been unfairly sidelined.
It looks like Barbados is going to get the full force of the anger of one such person when the bell tolls. In fact, word is that this rejected politico was sitting in a vehicle listening intently during a recent meeting, waiting for his name to be called, but that never happened.
Instead, one of his former close colleagues holding the meeting let it be known that the time was not yet right for this rejected man to bare his soul.
So it looks as if, yet again, there will be a shift from this politico to deal with those who may have pushed him overboard.
Breach is the word
A little birdie seems to be flying to the law courts, and the word is the claim is breach of contract.
This high flyer is claiming to have documentation to prove promises were made by very important people, but they reneged on them and because of that the birdie’s wings are now clipped.
Cou Cou understands the little birdie also has notes to show that certain people who claimed all along that they were just trying to ensure everything that needed to be done was done, may have had another agenda.   
This is one time Cou Cou doesn’t plan to say too much. As they say: no name, no lock-up.
Feeling left out
A well-known man is not happy with the amount of beef he is getting from the fatted calf, and is said to be complaining about being disappointed.
This individual, who has served loyally at home and abroad, is said to be so upset that he plans not to participate in anything when the time comes.