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Fairchild Market finally closed

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Fairchild Market finally closed

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TO MUCH PROTEST, the Fairchild Street Public Market complex has been closed.
Yesterday vendors vacated the area under the guidance of Ministry of Transport and Works (MTW) personnel, although not without expressing some indignation.
One of the major complaints was that the vendors had not found alternative accommodation.
When the SUNDAY SUN arrived around 5:30 p.m. yesterday there were several people in the market complex, some playing music and others sitting directly in front of the condemned building.
A little more than half an hour later, most people had left, with vendors milling around outside, quarrelling or talking animatedly.
MTW section leader Oliver Bowen, who is in charge of the demolition, said the vendors were originally supposed to vacate the premises by 5 p.m., but were given an extra hour.
“The work is supposed to start at 7 p.m. [when] we will cut off the heads of the nails holding the roof in place and remove the asbestos, which will be secured, loaded onto a truck and taken away to St Philip,” he reported. (CA)
MTW employee Peter Harewood soaking down the interior of the Fairchild Street Public Market in preparation for demolition.