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Responsible Budget – Wickham

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Responsible Budget – Wickham

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Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler delivered  a responsible Budget, political scientist Peter Wickham believes.
“I would say the  Budget was responsible, considering that there was widespread anticipation that the Minister of Finance would have opened up the Treasury and doled out money in a Santa Claus fashion,” Wickham said last night.
He reasoned that against the background of the perceived performance of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) the minister might have been tempted to make several concessions in order  to gain votes.
“However, I am pleased that he resisted the temptation and behaved responsibly. I was particularly happy that  he focused on the tax bands and adjusted them in such a way to recover the money lost by the allowances. I’m philosophically opposed  to reinstating the allowances,” Wickham told the MIDWEEK NATION. (AC)