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AWRIGHT DEN: Relationship is key

Corey Worrell

AWRIGHT DEN: Relationship is key

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During the weekend I was spending some quiet time praying in my living room for my relationship with my wife, as I know sometimes we don’t understand each other.
In the midst of this prayer, God gave me a clear revelation about atheists and non-believers and I want to share it with you. I have already shared it on my Facebook page. It stirred up some positive discussion, and I am interested in hearing your thoughts on it.
My wife and I have been married for more than two years but have 12 years of close (best friend) relationship. What little I knew of her was solely based on what others had shared with me. I then had two options: either take their information as fact and at face value or find out for myself. I took option two and began to build a relationship with her.
Over the last 12 years I have gained lots of knowledge and developed a greater understanding of my wife. As a result of our relationship, I believe I can safely say that I understand her better and know more about her than anyone else on this earth. As our relationship has grown, she has revealed more and more about herself to me and that increases my understanding of her and leads me to a greater appreciation of this beautiful person.
I have heard people who have been married for 30 years say that they are still getting to know their spouse. As the relationship grows and strengthens, so does understanding and knowledge.
The things I know and understand about my wife, a stranger will never be privy to. Why? Because they have no relationship with her.
Atheists and non-believers will never be able to understand God or the things written by and about him in The Bible because they don’t have any relationship with him. Unless one has a relationship with him, one will never understand him. That’s why theologians who don’t have a relationship with God have a different interpretation of scripture than those who do. It’s all about relationship.
I have been a Christian for 12 years, and there are things about God that I understand now that I didn’t understand five years ago – and guess what? There are some things I still don’t understand but as my relationship grows, I believe more will be revealed.
One contributor to the discussion on Facebook asked, “What about Christians who lose their belief after 25 years?”
Any relationship can be broken. Have you ever realized that it takes two people to start a relationship but only one to end it? Interesting, huh?
God will never force anyone to remain in a relationship with Him as He has given us free choice. What does happen, though, is that when you are ready to return, his arms are wide open to receive you.
Yuh see, some people have perverted and misrepresented the Christian faith in many ways. One is to make people believe that once you become a Christian you will get everything you want, all your problems will go away and you will always be happy. Relationships don’t work like that, so when people don’t get all that they want, they leave. As I said in another article, divorce ends primarily because of selfishness.
Christianity is the only religion that is based on relationship with God. It’s the only religion that a deity wants a relationship with his servants and where works alone don’t get you closer to God; it’s all based on relationship and relationship takes time to develop.
In a world where nowadays most things are instant, we hate to wait. So God sometimes takes too long for most of us, including me.
We have instant coffee, instant messaging, email, Google, Wikipedia, remote controls, mobile phones, Internet, BlackBerry Messenger, Skype and microwaves.
In a human relationship, most things are not instant, and in a relationship with God, most things aren’t instant either. Relationships build character, and character takes time.
Take time and get to know God for yourself.