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Swarmed by Bees!

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

Swarmed by Bees!

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Opposition Leader Owen Arthur was engulfed in a sea of red when he arrived at Parliament Buildings yesterday to a riotous welcome by jubilant horn-blowing and banner-waving Barbados Labour Party (BLP) supporters dressed in red.
It was the second day of debate of the 2012 Financial Statement And Budgetary Proposals.
An almost deafening roar went up as the Opposition Leader’s car came into view of the large crowd waiting in the street, and many of them surged forward to embace Arthur who returned the hugs.
Tuesday was the Democratic Labour Party Government’s Budget Day show. Yesterday clearly belonged to the Opposition BLP and supporters like Cytomia Worrell (hugging Arthur) and Rosetta Bishop-Reece (in glasses, holding banner) made it clear whose side they were on. (GC)