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What’s Trending:Turtle bludgeoned on beach

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What’s Trending:Turtle bludgeoned on beach

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The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending in Barbados, today.
Readers are reacting to the news that a female hawksbill which was preparing to nest on Holetown Beach, St James, was bludgeoned to death by a rock to the head. This happened yesterday.
Amit Tiwari: “This is the most abhorrent, disgusting thing I’ve seen. We should get the Government to install CCTV cameras, and have the RBPF set up nightly patrols during nesting times. Then we can start jailing and fining these offenders. These turtles are part of our heritage and identity, they add to wonderful things which make our country unique. More over in this case, they add to the wonder and diversity of the natural world, as Barbados is key nesting site. The slaughtering of these turtles shows complete disregard for life, is tantamount to the rape of our island’s beauty and shows what little concern there is for the natural world. Worse still, it portrays us not as proud Barbadians, but brutish Barbarians. Again, this is the most abhorrent, disgusting thing I’ve seen in Barbados.”
Glenda Martin: “People really need to find a life and start doing something creative and stop being destructive. What is this world coming to?”
Sharon Woolley: “The sick minds in Barbados now..I feel ashamed I love the island so much.”
Conchita Moseley: “The person who so cruelly bludgeoned a harmless beautiful creature such as the turtle, for no reason has to be sick. Why is it that man is so destructive?”
Angela J Thompson Branch: “These things are done out of pure ignorance we need to make our young people from the time they could understand, more aware of their surroundings. I work at Miami Beach and on two occasions had to stop people who thought they were helping baby turtles, by lifting them into the water. They were interrupting their natural trek back to the water after hatching. All I will say is from the things I witness parents need to think twice when their wards go to the beach.”
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