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Crop Over at camp

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Crop Over at camp

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Creativity is the focus of the National Library Service in Independence Square in its annual summer camp.
This year, the free camp has a Crop Over theme and will show how creativity is used in the festival.
Senior librarian Jennifer Yarde said the theme was Crop Over At The Library: The Melting Pot Of Creativity and would cover the history of the festival and focus on bandleader Chetwyn Stewart and PowerX4.
“At the library, we focus on reading. The more reading a child does, the more they would foster their imaginations, so we want them to read about a bandleader because he (Stewart) had to be creative to do this,” she said.
In addition to the Crop Over posters and costumes, Yarde said the camp would include guitar lessons, computer classes and reading sessions.
Here, library assistant Jessica Browne allowing one of the camp members to read a story to the class.