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Bajans told live within means

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Bajans told live within means

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Barbadians are feeling some level of discomfort as they wade through the economic slowdown but they have been told to cut back on extravagances and live within their means.
And today, Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados Dr DeLisle Worrell said he hoped Barbadians were not losing patience as the economic slump continued in its fourth year.
“One thing we should remind ourselves is that we have an active and informed dialogue on our economic policy in Barbados and that is a strength of the economy .“While none of us is comfortable – least of all myself – with the prolonged nature of the difficulties that we have had, I think people are realistic and they understand that we are really doing the best that we can,” Worrell told the media during his quarterly Press conference at the Central Bank in The City.
He added: “Government’s role is to ensure economic stability, support private investment, and take steps to improve public service in key areas. “What remains is for every Barbadian to do their part to continue to live within our means – always provide excellent quality of service and invest what you can in yourself, real property and in Government securities.
“For corporations an investment in the foreign exchange sectors puts you in the forefront in the resurgence of activities where you can return the country to sustainable growth.” (GE)