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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: Ketchin’ de festival fever – at las’

marciadottin, [email protected]

BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: Ketchin’ de festival  fever – at las’

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Dear Nesta,
How you, girl-chile? I hope dis missile, hey, I mean “missive”, fin’ yuh in good healf.
When folks usin’ words duh en know tummuch ’bout, duh should be careful. Slip-up, an’ duh lef’ lookin’ like a perfeck moojin! Would you believe dat las’ week I see de word “lieutenant” spell as “leftenant”? Dah mussee had po’ Mr Brumley shakin’ in ’e grave bad enuff.
Yuh would never guess whey I fin’ muhself las’ Sarrduh night. At a calypso tent – enjoyin’ muhself. Now you know I don’ get too involve in dis festival, excep’ to get out an’ see de ban’s passin’ ’pon Kadooment Day. An’ even dat I stop doin’ recently ’cause I tired o’ all de wukkin’ up an’ seein’ summuch flesh expose ’pon de roads.
Anyhow, I get invite to a tent – House of Soca – an’ aldoh I en know ’bout de calypsos like Philomena – I t’ought I would go. An’ I was glad enuff I went ’cause I had a good time.
To begin wid, I was real impress when t’ings start ’pon time. De ethuh day, I went to a show dat start almos’ half-hour late. Neffin does get me mo’ fretful dan havin’ to siddown an’ wait long after de show suppose to start. I was so vex I nearly get up an’ went ’long home, yuh en know?   
Anyhow, as I was tellin’ yuh, de House of  Soca put on a good show. Aldoh I wasn’ familiar wid all de names o’ de performers, I enjoy mos’ o’ de songs. I en tummuch fuh de party songs dat mos’ youff goin’ fuh nowadays, but I really like de ethuhs – de social commentary.
Dem does tell yuh ’bout nuff t’ings dat happenin’ ’pon de islan’. I ’specially like de ones de reignin’ Calypso King Popsicle put out dah night. It look to me as ef it gine be hard to get he offa dah t’rone dis year, yuh.   
But de body dat had muh impress was de MC. Dat young woman – I t’ink she name Yolanda Holder – was ’pon de ball from de word go. When I spot she mekkin’ dah confident walk t’rough de crowd to reach de stage to start up t’ings – a nice change to de nusual entry – I could see she had evuht’ing’ onder control.
An’ at no time I had to stop up muh ears when she was gi’in’ any jokes. Even ef duh was a bit naughty, duh was nice – onlike some MCs dat need sometimes to walk wid li’l blue soap.   
I tell Philomena ’bout de good time I had an’ how I got to visit couple mo’ tents befo’ de season done so I could hear de calypsos dat get ban from de airwaves.
Same song an’ dance evuh year – “Tuch not de Lord’s anointed” or it gine be “fire an’ brimstone” comin’ down ’pon yuh. All she do was laff, an’ tell muh it seem as ef I ketchin’ de Crop Over fever – at las’. She now wanta know ef I gine decide to j’in a ban’. I had neffin to say.    
Yuh could really try an’ come down fuh a visit, faif. Yuh en know Crop Over is a great help to Buhbayduss when it come to bringin’ in de coppers? Tourisses enuff does be ’pon de islan’ durin’ dis time.
Is my firs’ visit to a tent but not de las’, fuh sure. Who say a leopard cyahn change ’e spots?
Tek care o’ yuhself Yuh frien’ Babsie