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Five months – still not one cent!

Randy Bennett

Five months – still not one cent!

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THEY?MIGHT?have brought six,  but the organizers are yet to bring  the money.
Five months after its completion, at least one team is still awaiting payment from the organizers of the Bring Six and Come Cricket Competition.
Members of Central, who placed third in the six-a-side, six-over tournament  are fuming because they are yet to be paid the $1 000 originally promised.
Denise Small, an annoyed parent  of one of the team’s members,  told NATION SPORT that prior  to the competition it had been  advertised that first place would  receive $3 000, second place $2 000, third $1 000 and fourth place $500.
She said the tournament concluded  in January and when a prize-giving ceremony was held the following  month members of the team received only trophies. They were told  they would not be getting any  money, she said.
Rules changed
Small charged that when she approached one of the organizers,  he told her this was because  during the competition the rules had been changed.
She said she then got in contact  with tournament director and  Member of Parliament Hamilton Lashley, who told her that he was unaware of the changes and promised  to investigate the matter.
Yesterday in a telephone interview, Lashley maintained that Central  would be paid the monies promised.  He pointed out that some of the money would be paid by monthend, with the balance due to be paid  by the end  of August.
He said that they had suffered some setbacks, including the loss of the pavilion at Meadow Road to fire, and this had hampered the payment process.
“We are committed to making the payments. There is nothing sinister about it. We have suffered some major setbacks, but we will ensure that those monies are paid.
“During the fire we practically lost everything, so things have been a little tight, but plans have been put in place to make sure that Central will be fully paid,” Lashley assured.
He also made a plea to the business community for assistance in helping to rebuild the pavilion, saying that it was not possible to rely on Government for everything, especially in the tough economic climate.