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Drift Dream on track

Stefan Walker

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It started in 2010 as the brainchild of three racing fans – Khalil Bryan, Corey Jackman and Derek Rudder.
These, like many in Barbados, are fans of motorsport who always wanted to compete, and in their younger days, were dubbed the “Sen it Broad Crew”.
They stayed together as a group and have now created the Drift Dream Inc. and turned a dream into a reality.
They are using AutoMoto to promote an affordable form of motorsport for drivers who would like to compete but can’t afford the sums necessary to prepare a car for rallying or circuit racing.
The goal of Drift Dream is to create a pathway for the public to experience the thrill of motorsport.
They wanted to host a dexterity showcase, and due to great support, it evolved into something much more.
Soon, they realized that they needed to have club assistance which lead them to Paul Bourne, who lead them to Geoff Noel, who lead them to the Barbados Rally Club.
The relationship with the BRC lead them to AutoMoto 2011, which at that time also served as preseason scrutineering.
Last year, about 23 000 people went through the door, with 18 000 being paying patrons.
The event was successful, and the three-man team from Drift Dream Inc. set about the planning of AutoMoto 2012.
This year, they have teamed up with The Barbados Association of Dragsters and Drifters, and tomorrow there will be a showcase for both the auto and motor industries.
They have mud dogs, the off-road junkies, bikes, Radio Operated Auto Racers (ROAR), with their RC cars, and Automotive Art will host a game competition. Jump tents for the children and Zumba Fitness will be available so the families can come out.
There will be sponsors’ challenges and smaller garages will be on display and fans can find out how to take a car from stock start to speed smart.
For the thrill ride, there are eight drivers and the mud dogs also have something awesome planned.