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‘New owners’ miss meeting

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‘New owners’ miss meeting

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THE?MORE?THAN 150 STAFFERS at Almond Beach Club are still in the dark about their immediate future after prospective new owners Elite Island Resorts failed to show for Thursday’s meeting with owners Neal &?Massy.
At a Press conference following the meeting, general secretary of the Barbados Workers Union (BWU),?Sir Roy Trotman, admitted that the no-show of Elite Island Resorts representatives impacted on the discussions with staff.
“The intention of the meeting was to have Almond Beach Club inform us formally of what their plans are for the future of that resort.
“They were able to give us some of that information, but we were not able to have as full a discussion as we wanted to because it is not merely enough to know that Almond Beach Club wishes to sell shares over to another company [Elite Island Resorts] without at the same time being in a position to hear from the new company what their plans are for the property and the workers,” he said.