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Pan, sand and rain

Natanga smith

Pan, sand and rain

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Neal & Massy And Republic Bank Pan Pun De Sand could not be stopped by rain. On and off again showers had umbrellas doing the up and down.
The pan patrons were an estimated 1 500 by time the 25-piece Mosiac led by local boy Ziggy Walcott came on stage.
With dancers up front they played the Sesame Street theme song, Adele, Maroon 5 and Mr Vegas.
Eastland, Pan Extreme, Reddy Panners and Olakunde were the first sets onstage and the most played songs were Crop Over tunes with Dah Fuh Lick Yuh and Feteing holding top positions. At 7:15, performers left to appear were, in order, Tropical Steel and the big band out of Trinidad Republic Bank Exodus Steel Pan with surprise guests artistes Black Stalin and Red Plastic Bag.