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What’s Trending:Kingsland spot for hospital

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What’s Trending:Kingsland spot for hospital

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The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending today in Barbados.
The issue surrounding the location of the new hospital is again on the minds of some of our readers this morning.
Kingsland has been earmarked as the spot for the new General Hospital, but many ordinary Barbadians, as well as two former Ministers of Health say it’snot an ideal location for a health facility.
Here are some comments from readers:
Ian Taitt: “Kingsland is not centralized location so it could never be a good location for a hospital.”
Nash Johnson: “ More suggestions please on a new location….”
K Greaves Property: “Warrens or the Hothersal area is an excellent location for a new hospital, it is very central for most persons. Government also owns land in that area. You can’t always follow the developed countries their support services are also more developed than ours so their situation is also different. In some developed countries you can make a call or send a text and a taxi turns up at your door in two minutes. That does not happen here as yet you may have to wait at least 30 minutes and by that time the caller might be dead.”
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