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TALK BACK: Back2School fetes bone of contention

Carol Martindale

TALK BACK: Back2School fetes bone of contention

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Once again, Wadadah’s annual Back2School event is causing some concern.
The Crop Over fete, which came off last Wednesday night at Kensington Oval, attracts thousands dressed in uniforms representing the various schools across the island.
Rhonda Blackman, head of the National Council for Parent-Teachers Associations, is upset that many deface their uniforms, noting this sends a “horrible message” to the young people. She believes the club’s licence to stage this event should be revoked.
Wadadah’s president Sydney Cox, however, defended the club’s decision to stick with the event.
Our readers have added their voice to the issue.
Regina Cumberbatch: “I see the uniforms being disgraced daily on the ZRs, minibuses and Transport Board buses, even [on] the street. so what is her plan for that?”
Stefan Walker: “Does she really think children, no matter how much they want to, will dress like that and go to school? If she said something like they are buying up all the school clothes, then I can agree but she has to come again . . . . .”
C. Holder: “Ms Blackman is 100 per cent correct and I fail to see why we criticize indiscipline and indecency in our students when this type of flagrant abuse of school uniforms is allowed . . . . ”
Victor Benn: “Any event associated with the use of school uniforms in this country should have high standards. To allow the bastardization of uniforms in the name of making money and cheap entertainment is a deplorable and disgusting act.”
Patrick Mayers: “I personally think that this fete is a tasteless event that represents how low we Bajans have gone in our thinking.”
Faith Oh’cee: “I understand their point on the Back2School fete thing, but why not just ask people not to wear real uniforms or any parts thereof. That way the fete still stays but no one feels the school uniform is being disrespected or degraded . . . . ”
Ailecec Ttenrab: “I don’t see anything wrong with these fetes because they are really for the older school folks to go out and reflect on their school days. The purpose of the uniforms worn the way folks do is because it’s a fete . . . .”
DjRobbi Walcott: “The Back2School fete is giving older people a chance to relive school uniform days.”
Rosemary Wall: “Well I had my first experience this year at the Back2School and it was cool. Had me already thinking to go again next year if I’m alive. I must admit I felt a bit odd partying in the “shortened version” of my convent uniform but I saw shorter versions. We still must respect the uniform and what it represents but I believe it was just like a costume party.”
Samantha Inniss: “You mean to tell me because I represent my school and went to a Crop Over fete, my children will automatically want to dress the same way come September 10? . . . . When last I checked, I was the adult.”
• Carol Martindale is the Nation’s Online Editor.