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AG tells of tax-free fears

Tony Best

AG tells of tax-free fears

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ATTORNEY GENERAL ADRIEL Brathwaite has revealed that he wanted the Government to restore tax-free allowances, fearing that failure to do so could damage the Democratic Labour Party’s chances of getting a second consecutive term in office.
Brawthwaite, who is also Minister of Home Affairs, told scores of Barbadians at a town hall meeting in New York last Sunday that he went to Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler before the recent budget presentation and asked him to take the taxes off the allowances.
In a telephone conversation after he returned home from New York on Monday afternoon, Brathwaite confirmed the essence of his conversation with Sinckler.
“ I said to the Finance Minister that as far as I was concerned that if he did not return the allowances to Barbadians in the forms that they were previously, then it would have damaged our chance of being re-elected,”  Brathwaite told MIDWEEK Nation.