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Querying purpose of inquiry

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Querying purpose  of inquiry

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Recently, I engaging muhself in de business of commissions of inquiry and asking what purpose them does serve.
Personally, I think it is a politician’s tool used all over de region on burning topics or misconduct in public office and wanting to get to de bottom of the issue. I still ask: what is de real purpose?
I might have missed it but I can’t remember a fella holding a jail fuh anything a commission of inquiry found out anywhere in de Caribbean.
We had ’bout here de Duffus Commission, the Malone Commission, aka de Pele Commission, St Joseph Hospital Commission, and somehow whenever them things conclude not a fella get charge wid anything.
I is only a vendor, but I know that big-time lawyers wid all kinds of initials behind them name don’t come cheap. Somebody got to be paying them, plus staff, commissioners and the supporting services cost mucho dinero, and at de end yuh want some action. But don’t hold yuh breath!
Some friends put forward some ideas on things we should hold commissions of inquiry pun. They want one pun CLICO. They say that dis affecting thousands of people and they life savings.
They want an inquiry into REDjet failure, why Trinidad and Bubbadus can’t conclude a fishing agreement, de treatment of Guyanese by Bubbadus, into unsolved murders, an inquiry into de drug business and who is de big boys dat we always hearing ’bout.
De Vendor want an inquiry into why de beautiful green space created by the Bubbadus Tourism Inc., BTII, across from Starcom Network Inc. is now being used as a car park fuh Government workers. Imagine one of de few green areas in de City, and cars park all over de lawn every day.
We serious ’bout de environment and greening? Dat could ever happen in London? Cars parked pun de grass in Hyde Park? De Vendor want it stopped and want an inquiry into why it happen in de first place and want cars and heads to roll.
And so to de commission of inquiry into The Alexandra School. What will dis inquiry reveal? I betting pun de following. Mr Broomes is a demanding headmaster. Some staff members and de headmaster don’t see eye to eye. De union representing de teachers who don’t see eye to eye wid de headmaster, want he removed. De headmaster write letters to the Ministry of Education, which apparently nobody in de ministry see, de board and de headmaster at loggerheads, de minister couldn’t solve de problem, de PM pondered pun de problem and de commission of inquiry came into being.
I left out anything? Oh yeah: a teacher allegedly did not teach for a whole term but got paid? A deputy head teacher’s office either had or did not have windows, de PTA and students seem to like Mr Broomes. Cost to de taxpayers? Unknown. Another commission of inquiry might be needed to find out de cost to taxpayers.
I, Market Vendor, gone fuh now. You have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?