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Lucky escape for St Philip family

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Lucky escape for St Philip family

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A ST PHILIP family are counting their blessings today after having a scare yesterday.
Around 10 a.m. a car ploughed into the kitchen of their Brereton Road house, sending a teenager who was in that part of the house running and screaming for her life and an elderly woman scampering to make sure baby Anae Ward, who was in a playpen in the living room, was unhurt.
The driver of the car who residents indicated was from the area, refused to talk to the DAILY NATION, but with the help of others removed the car from the house.
Rashana Holder who was in the kitchen of the house occupied by ten people said: “I was washing my hands. Then I heard a noise and when I looked I saw the car coming and I thought it was going to hit the other house; but it was coming straight into the kitchen. So I turned and run,” she said.
Meanwhile, matriarch of the home, Muriel Holder, said while she was thanking God that nobody was hurt in the incident, she was puzzled as to how the open space would be filled.
“I was just about to go into the kitchen when I heard this commotion. So my fist move was to run to take up the baby out of the playpen and make sure everything was all right,” Holder said.