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Loose tongue of a jurist

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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SOME WELL HEELED GUESTS attending a function recently got the shock of their lives when an esteemed jurist tore into a highly-placed official’s reputation as a literary giant.
The jurist told all, and not in the lowest of voices, that the official was inflating his status for personal reasons.
But the truth of this man’s substance, said the jurist, could be seen in how he ran his business before  landing his present job.
According to the jurist, the man was not known for his speedy work and quick thinking. In fact, he left his personal office for one in Government without even looking at more than 300 files that were on his desk, the jurist claimed.
This official, an eloquent speaker who appears all-knowing, was said to have dragged his feet so much that one of his clients was disadvantaged.
After the jurist was through with the attack, some of the guests were overheard saying that what they heard explained why this official had been full of talk, with little action.
Enter the Frantic Five
FIRST THERE WAS the Eager Eleven; now there is the Frantic Five. And these people have put a new spin on the phrase “ever so welcome, but wait for a call”.
Word is that five politicos have decided to “break for themselves” to ensure re-election. As part of their strategy, certain people would not be welcomed on their platform.
From what Cou Cou has gathered, these five feel they have done enough to preserve their status and don’t want anyone from their own side coming in to help them unless specially invited.
Cou Cou finds the five names mentioned a bit surprising. But then, desperate times need desperate measures.
Tough talk
A SENIOR MAN has read the riot act to those supposedly closest to him in his constituency. His message was clear – you’re either with me or against me!
From what Cou Cou has been able to gather, it appears that someone in this politico’s executive branch has been leaking news to his opponents.
Aware that loose lips sink ships, the politico called an emergency meeting and let those gathered there know that he will deal severely with any disloyalty he uncovers.
Travel mess
WHY WOULD A GROUP travel from Barbados to a non-English-speaking country to promote us and not be assigned an interpreter?
Why would the leader of that group go to the country days ahead to “organize things”, yet when the main party got there, no interpreter met it at the airport, transport from the airport was challenging and the group had difficulty checking in at the hotel?
And why was the person chosen to lead the team not even a part of the local management for the particular interest group?
These are some of the questions being posed by some irate people who feel “outsmashed” because of the way their body continues to be treated.