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Dump in new hands

Maria Bradshaw

Dump in new hands

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Government is no longer operating the metal dump at Bagatelle, St Thomas.
Reliable sources told the SUNDAY?SUN that the dump, which is used for the disposal of metal, had been transferred to businessman Andrew Bynoe as part-payment for the use of his land at River Bay, St Lucy, by Government.
As a result, Bynoe’s younger brother Paul, who operates B’s Bottle and B’s Recycling at Cane Garden, St Thomas, will be closing down his extensive operation and transferring the business to the Bagatelle Metal Dump.
Last year Andrew Bynoe, the managing director of Emerald City and Carlton supermarkets, publicly disclosed that he was the owner of River Bay, St Lucy, one of Barbados’ scenic picnic spots, which has been maintained by Government for several years.