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Be safe on roads at Crop Over

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

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With the Crop over season set to climax within the next few days, The Barbados Road Safety Association is calling on road users to be extremely careful.
So far for the year there have been 12 road fatalities compared to 14 last year for the corresponding time. “At this time many persons will be partying and enjoying the social activities. If you consume any alcohol whatever the amount, it can impair your ability to drive and use the road safely, make sure have a designated driver at hand to transport you to your home or your destination safely. A designated driver is a person who has abstained from drinking and not someone who has drunk the less or is the most sober person in the group.
“If you are a pedestrian, alcohol is also dangerous. When using the road, you can cause an accident and be killed or seriously injured. Be responsible, use alcohol in moderation. Know your limit.” The association has also cautioned that travelling to the many activities and not getting enough rest will also create another danger for persons using the roads.
“Driver fatigue ‘the silent killer’ makes you fall asleep behind the wheel or sends your body into micro sleeps where you have no control over your vehicle and causes accidents”. It added: “Excessive or inappropriate speed kills or can cause severe injuries. The faster you travel, the more likely you are to be involved in an accident.
The association has appealed to road users to take their time and drive within the speed limit.