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Metal block

by Maria Bradshaw

Metal block

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THE?Town & Country Planning Department has halted operations at the Bagatelle Metal Dump, which was recently acquired by brothers Andrew and Paul Bynoe.
Prominent supermarket owner Andrew Bynoe, who was given the land by Government as part payment for his at River Bay, St Lucy, confirmed yesterday that he had attended a meeting on Monday with officials at the Town Planning and was told to submit an environmental impact study to that department before any further work could proceed at the Bagatelle dump.
His younger brother Paul, who is the managing director of B’s Bottle Depot and Bs Metal Recycling Plant, at Cane Garden, St Thomas, had begun excavation work at Bagatelle in preparation for the transfer of his businesses there.
The site, which was previously operated by the Sanitation Service Authority as a metal dump, was to be used by Bynoe as a collection centre for metal to be sorted, cut and exported.
The transfer of the dump to the brothers has angered residents at Hoytes Village and Bagatelle, St James, who live near to the dump.