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OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Crop Over part of our culture

Reverend Errington Massiah

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We are fully into the Crop Over season, and this weekend is a very big one. Once more we can admire the creativity and the excitement that are associated with the season.
Tonight I will be at the Pic-O-De-Crop Finals and I will be in the stand, which is located at the corner of Bedstead and Mattress Street, St Joseph Rectory, Horse Hill, St Joseph. I am sure that I will enjoy myself better in this stand than at Kensington Oval. One love!
On Monday, Kadooment Day, I will be some place along Bank Hall with my pen and note book observing – yes! Observing and not jumping in any band. Please look out for me. Some of you will argue that as a priest I should not be there. I do not agree with you. I have to be there because as a social commentator I must be in a position to observe in order to comment.
Secondly, I was taught at theological school (Codrington College) that theology is built on five pillars – scripture, reason, experience, tradition, and culture.
What is Crop Over? Crop Over is part of our culture. It is not what one does, but it is how it is done.
As a priest, and above all as a Christian, I get involved in such activities and can assure one and all that my Christianity will be there as well. My Christianity is always part of me.  
One love, one faith for those out there who think Crop Over as a sin, but yet they will not love their neighbour and will not share some of the wealth they possess.
Once again, at the Pic-O-De-Crop tonight, I think my favourite calypsonian is Red Plastic Bag (RPB) will win the crown, because he has two good songs and is very familiar with the stage. Good luck, my friend.
Finally, I call on all those taking part in the Crop Over activities to exercise a level of behaviour that will not lower our accepted standards.