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Pic-O-De-Crop finals still on

sherieholder, [email protected]

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The stage is set and the Pic-O-De-Crop finals are still on tonight at the Gymnasium, but not without some concerns.
An emergency meeting called by the calyspsonians with the National Cultural this morning brought out all ten performers, event producer Dorsie Boyce and Adisa Andwele of the NCF.
The calyspsonians are happy that the show will go on for the people but are upset at the treatment meted out by them at what some call the “disrepect” of the NCF in not consulting them about the move from the Oval to the Gym.
RPB is it said is one who was so upset that he wasn’t sure he would perform tonight.  
Gabby in speaking to the Nation said he wants an official apology from the NCF but he is glad the show will go on.
“With all concerns notwithstanding it will be a keen competition tonight. While the numbers will be less here than at the Oval the artistes are thinking about the audience first.”
He further said that there was talk of moving it to tomorrow or Sunday but the other shows that were contracted took preference.
There will be further updates as the NCF will be holding a Press conference at 2 p.m.