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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Friends in high places

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

FLYING FISH & COU COU: Friends in high places

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Being pals with those who matter can indeed be profitable. Ask a certain man who recently cashed a million-dollar cheque for lending his expertise to a cash-strapped institution.
But it does not stop there. This man and a number of other veterans are raking in the bucks for their work on another project.
Those in the know suggest that though things are tight all around there are areas where the gravy train continues to rumble on, and some of these well connected people are cashing in.
Others less generous are saying that it demonstrates how much old friendships matter to some important people, and how certain people will ensure that their buddies will get the first bite of any available cherry.
Rewards aplenty
Things may be brown for most people, but for a few the rewards of the fatted calf continue to flow.
Cou Cou understands that an individual who once challenged a titan may have lost that battle but is still a winner, enjoying a cushy consultant pick. What’s more, this person received a big loan recently from the same institution.
And if that was not bad enough, word is that an individual who fell out of favour and was recently given the boot managed to get some cash before departing. There are now questions on how this money is going to be repaid.
Cou Cou has been informed that though this latter individual’s name and face may no longer be heard and seen, and the brief sojourn was inglorious, the person is in the background whispering to those who are still willing to listen.
Case of disappearing wiring
Officials at an institution that is no stranger to controversy have a mystery on their hands.
They are scratching their heads, wondering how a large batch of wiring intended for a project disappeared from a container that was on the compound of the organization.
The whole thing is being treated with such secrecy that not even the police have been alerted.
Cou Cou understands that officials who should know about the wire are suggesting it may have been used on the ongoing project, but because of inadequate accounting procedures its removal and use were not appropriately recorded.
Cou Cou is waiting to see what comes out of this case as the wire costs about $50 000.
Shameful event
Those very important people who attended a recent event are still crying shame on a particular man for what he did and the way he allowed his companions to conduct themselves. It turned what was supposed to be a regal event into a farce.
The man brought nearly 20 people with him to the event and when he was told by a young usher that the group could not be accommodated, his usually silky tongue became so biting that the woman was reduced to tears.
The group then entered the place and all but took it over, eating and drinking to their hearts’ content, while being loud and disruptive. But as the man is the boss no one dared say a word.
And the man’s colleagues brought in two of their people to get a free meal and drink. Those who witnessed the episode said the organization’s acronym should now stand for nuff coming free.