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I CONFESS: Everything he told me was a lie

Sanka Price

I CONFESS: Everything he told me was a lie

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Last week’s confession is just one half of the stress loving a criminal can cause you. The part that woman failed to mention is how some of these men take your love for granted and use you.
That was my experience with a criminal I stupidly got involved with. He was what people call a wolf in sheep’s clothing and he fooled me good.
When I first met him I had no idea that he had served time for handling stolen property. He was so soft-spoken and gentle that you would never think he could ever be capable of doing anything wicked.
We met at a fete and he was a real gentleman in how he asked me for a dance and didn’t try to rub up on me like so many men do, although they are supposed to be dancing ballroom.
I felt so comfortable dancing with him that we danced about seven or eight songs together. He then asked me if I was thirsty and got drinks for the both of us. We talked and he didn’t get fresh by asking me my personal business. Instead, we talked about the different dances and our experiences dancing.
At the end of the night he told me that he hoped we would meet again, but never gave me his number. I didn’t give him mine either, but wanted to because he was pleasant and didn’t seem like most men who are interested in just getting me in a bed.
So I figured two things – he was married and didn’t know how to tell me or he had a woman and was not prepared to complicate his life.
The following weekend I found out when we met at another dance, again by accident. Yet again he was charming and a pleasure to be around. So when it was time to leave I asked him for his number and if I could call anytime.
As he said yes to my question, I put him to the test. I waited two days and then called him just after midnight. I realized that I had woken him, yet we talked for about an hour. He could not have done that if he had a woman sleeping with him.
But just to make sure, I called him on another early morning and like before he responded. Sure then that he had no one in his life, I gave him my number and asked him to call me. After about a month of talking on the phone and going to dances we became intimate.
Up to that time I never suspected he was anything but a really nice man, so when a cousin of mine who has a friend that is a policeman told me he heard that my man was a thief, I doubted him.
But I asked my boyfriend and he admitted that he had served nearly four years because his friends called his name in connection with a robbery, but he had nothing to do with it. That was why he said he did not associate with people much.
I believed every word. He seemed sincere and I had no reason to doubt him. But the truth was I had begun to care deeply for this man because he treated me with respect, was generous, and a good lover too.
I was into this man so much that I did things with him that I never did before or since with any other man. Though I had only known him for a short while, he became everything to me.
Maybe it was because I was so taken by his charm that I never questioned him more closely about his business. He sold items on concession and made quite a bit of money too. What I didn’t know was that some of the items he sold were actually stolen. I only found out when the police arrested him and he called me to bail him out.
He told me not to say I was his girlfriend as that may get me disallowed. So I said I was a family friend and stood as the surety for his $3 000 bail. He told me that a fellow he knew was responsible for landing him in trouble again with the police. The man stole some new items from a house and he unwittingly sold them. And foolish me believed him.
His case was set about four months afterwards and as things were going so good between us, I never once questioned his honesty.
It was during the case that I saw and heard another side of him. The police revealed how he used his business to cover up his illegal activities and presented details which he could not deny. From the evidence it was clear that he had strung me along and had me believing he was a victim, when in truth he was a hardened criminal.
I felt really foolish for allowing him to use me in the way he did. Just about everything he had told me about himself was a lie and his pleasantness was only an act to charm me. I was particularly hurt since I had given this man more than I ever gave any other person before because he had really touched my soul.
My point is, if that woman wants to hold on to her criminal boyfriend, good for her. But I would never ever have anything to do again with a man who went to jail. No man will ever use me like that again.