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PUDDING & SOUSE: Sick of cheating man

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

PUDDING & SOUSE: Sick of cheating man

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A woman who works at a certain business went on sick leave after she found out that her man was sleeping with one of her colleagues while she was working the graveyard shift.
One of the hurtful things about this sordid situation is that the man works at the same business place and his girlfriend’s colleague lives in a neighbouring gap.
The woman is so ashamed that she does not want anyone at the workplace to find out that she and her colleague had a violent confrontation after she caught her and her children being driven home in the man’s car. Apparently, the police were called in.
The distraught woman found out that while she was working late her boyfriend was sneaking this colleague into their house.
Her colleagues are saying that she should not be afraid to return to work because when she first started working there she horned another colleague within three months of her arrival.
So it seems what goes around comes around.
Back to basics
A young female public servant who has a permanent “hickey” scar in her neck was recently caught in a compromising sexual position with a well known lesbian security guard.
Since dumping her bespectacled Prince Charming and taking back the electronic gift she gave him, this well known woman has returned to her previous “Sodom and Gomorrah” lifestyle by resurrecting her bisexual addictions.
She has boasted of having many sexual partners, including people in high and low places.
This obviously is not the first work-related sex scandal for this lass, who is said by some to be trying to sleep her way up the ladder. Not even her dear dad can wash away her dirty reputation.
Too close to home
Friends of a certain woman are wondering what she will do when she finds out that her best pal is sleeping with her husband.
Apparently, the women, who are said to be like two peas in a pod, had a falling out several years ago when they both found out that they were dating the same man. Since then they have grown close again but wifey does not know that her best friend is now friendly with her husband.
Friends are wondering if this is a curse which will follow these two women for the rest of their lives. Husband and wife are always willing to engage in a threesome but wifey has been careful not to proposition her best friend to climb into the bed with the two.
They, however, take her to every event they attend, even paying for her and letting her ride in their vehicle, and she is at their house 24/7.
Wifey’s friends, who already know what is going on between her husband and her best friend, have been saying that they have no sympathy for her because she was horned before so why would she let the woman into her life again?
No following this one
When a manager goes on holiday soon, all hell will break out if a certain supervisor is allowed to act in her position.
Staff have already let it be known that they are not willing to work with this hot-headed woman, who likes to bark orders, is very ill-mannered and seems to forget that she also used to do the same job they are doing.
They are saying that this driver cannot drive.
The workers have already told their bosses to send another replacement or else they won’t be driving a stroke.