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Blimp up for repairs

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Blimp up for repairs

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THE BLIMP that was first deployed to help police keep watch and fight crime five years ago is out of commission for now.
The high-tech, state-of-the-art equipment, which was launched as part of security for Cricket World Cup (CWC) games held at Kensington Oval, is in need of repairs, Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin has confirmed.
“There are some issues and some repairs that need to be done,” he told the SUNDAY SUN, although not disclosing the nature of the repairs or how long the blimp was expected to be unavailable.
Pressed about what use had been made of the expensive piece of technology which was launched into the skies in April, 2007, Dottin stressed that it had not been abandoned.
“The blimp is a tactical asset. It would not necessarily be used daily because there is a cost attached to it as well,” he explained, noting that the helium for the airship was costly. (DP)