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Mum found dead

Carlos Atwell

Mum found dead

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THE KILLING OF A WOMAN has disturbed the peaceful community of Marchfield, St Philip.
Police are treating the unnatural death of Vincentian national Laurette Diana “Junie” Skeete, 54, as foul play after she was discovered in her home around 8:20 a.m. yesterday with a wire around her neck.
Authorities report Skeete was found by her daughter 25-year-old Sherris Lewis. Reports indicate Lewis called for her mother but hearing no response, went into her room and discovered Skeete lying on the floor.
Lewis then ran next door to neighbours Mark Browne and Cathy Sayers for help. The trio returned to Skeete’s house but found no signs of life, that the wire “near the area” of the neck.