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Bajans proud of Ryan Brathwaite

Carol Martindale

Bajans proud of Ryan Brathwaite

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Barbados Olympic hurdler Ryan Brathwaite didn’t medal yesterday when he ran in the finals of the men’s 110m  hurdles, but Barbadians were still proud of his achievement.
Brathwaite clocked 13.40 seconds. Less than two hours earlier, Brathwaite was second in his heat in 13.23 seconds.
In the finals, he had a good start and was with the leaders for the first half of the race, but faded after striking several hurdles.
Still, Barbadians were rallying behind him.
This is what they said:
Patricia Drayton:  “Congratulations Ryan on making to the Olympics and representing Barbados. You did us proud just being there, unfortunate you didn’t medal but you should still be proud. God’s continued blessing.”
Britton Betty: “Ryan we are proud of you. You did not get gold, silver or bronze but you are the fifth fastest hurdler in the world. Way to go.”
Amina Patel:  “I am very proud of Ryan’s achievements, and I think he did a superb job at representing Barbados. ‘09 World Champion, and fifth in the Olympics is a celebration!”
Margaret Ross: “All of us should be proud of Ryan. He got this far. Give the athletes more support and encouragement. They’ll probably do better next time. Be happy and proud for your own.”
Dionne Osborne:  “So proud of Ryan. In my books he got the gold. He actually made it to the finals and he’s now the fifth fastest hurdler in the world. Rio 2016, here comes Ryan Brathwaite. Love him bad.”
Sherry-Ann Mayers: “Congrats, Ryan! You made our country proud AGAIN!”
Pauline Eversley Jones:  “Well done Ryan…Congrats to you and your coach. Keep the flame burning.”
Michelle Gill: “Congrats Ryan! You did Barbados proud! The fifth fastest in the world in the 110m hurdles. Way to go.”
Irene Sandiford-Garner:  “Ryan has time on his side. And I am so proud of him!”
Anderson M Pilgrim:  “Fifth  ?5th in a race like this is not a disgrace. Congratulations on representing Barbados well on the world’s biggest athletic stage! Rio 2016 people.”
Sophia Quimby:  “Well done Ryan….keep the Barbados flag flying.”
Kerry Hinds:  “It was a hard race. I’m proud of him”.