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Golden parachute

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Golden parachute

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A MAN in a senior position in a specialized profession should be calling it quits by year-end.
At a high-level meeting last week, a group of very important people reportedly reached this consensus. They concluded this would be the best action to take to head off further negative comments about their involvement in the controversy presently engulfing this man’s profession.
From what Cou Cou was told, the man has been, rightly or wrongly, perceived as being associated with this group, and this was one of the reasons for the tension among his colleagues.
Though the man may be going, he is by no means a sacrificial lamb. He will be leaving with full benefits – read that as a fat gratuity and  pension.
High on the hog
PEOPLE WHO WORK with a big shot are fuming because in these tough times he is spending megabucks on what, in their professional opinion, are unnecessary initiatives.
They point to his recent week-long sojourn to an event which cost nearly $100 000. This includes airfare for him and his partner and their stay at a posh hotel.  
The seasoned professionals told Cou Cou this man needs to realize that though a boss should have a high profile and should be able to pronounce with authority on most things under his responsibility, he does not need to attend every cock fight.
But what they are particularly peeved about is that this individual gets final approval for such jaunts from what can be described as a board of management. Given his actions, the board seems to rubber stamp whatever he proposes.
No wonder, said the professionals, that this man has become a legend in his own mind.
Song doctor in the wings
WILL BARBADOS soon get its version of Dr Mighty Sparrow?
Those in the know say a certain bard has been identified to have this honour bestowed on him.
This individual, who is no stranger to controversy, is said to be excited at the prospect as it would raise his profile to legendary status.
Those who related this one to Cou Cou questioned if the elevation coming one day soon may explain why this individual has not been too offensive to the powers that be of late.
Down in the dumps
SOME WORKERS and their bosses are hopping mad because they have lost out on selling a precious commodity.
It appears that some of the workers, with the assistance of a foreigner hired by a senior employee, were engaged in selling the item which should have only been dumped and buried.
They were shocked when they found out that the business in which they were engaged had been officially approved for someone to do.
They are now anxiously hoping that this disappointment will be overturned so that they could continue making money on the side.
Wedding bells for politico
BELLS COULD SOON be ringing for a certain high-profile politico – and it wouldn’t be a call to arms to fight in the next general election.
Cou Cou has been told that a charming politico is set to tie the knot within months. The partner is older than the politico and is a person of means.
Invitations are expected to go out in the next few weeks.
The question some are asking is: If the election bell is rung around the same date as the wedding, what will this politico will do? Walk down the aisle or postpone?
We shall see.