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On the way from London

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On the way from London

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THE LONDON OLYMPICS will soon be over and athletes will be on duh way home tuh duh various countries. Some o’ dem wid big medals of gold, silver or bronze hanging ’round duh necks, some wid a gold, some wid a silver, some wid a bronze.
Then there will be some wid gold and silver, gold and bronze, silver and bronze, two golds, two silvers and many bronze or some who will be toting all three – gold silver and bronze – wid a big-able broad grin pon duh face.
These are the ones who will be expecting a rousing welcome home from their countrymen who would’ve been following the Games morning, noon and night, evah single day. But some will be going home with nothing tuh show for their efforts, dedication, months of rigorous training and great sacrifice.
On that long journey home from London some athletes are going tuh be disappointed wid demselves fuh some reason or the other; many fuh not being able tuh bring home a medal, some because duh feel dat duh didn’t do enough or probably let demselves down and some like our own Ryan Brathwaite, who run excellent in the semis but was probably offset because he hit and knock down the second hurdle. When I see dat hurdle fall down I held my breath, I was praying dat he didn’t get hurt.
Dem sorta injuries does take years enough tuh repair and sometimes could even shut down ya career. Doan worry, Ryan, the whole o’ Barbados was holding duh breath fuh you. You were great and we are proud of you. Like Oba, our other golden boy, you were our only hope there after Shane fell earlier but it wasn’t supposed tuh be at this time but, we know dat it will happen one day.
Bahamas could say dat dem had duh share of painful experiences at this Olympics ’cause only Thursday gone when the fellas was doing the triple jump, the athlete from The Bahamas right knee like it gave out on his last jump before he got in tuh the sand. I only hope dat he is looked after and taken care of.
Appreciative of all
Look, I love anything tuh do wid sports and I could appreciate all the other jumps like the long jump, the high jump and the pole vault. But you see dah thing called the triple jump? Ting, I ain’t want dat at all; dat is definitely too much pressure pon ya two knees, soul.
I am so proud of the Caribbean athletes dat I can hardly contain myself; look, from the time I realize dat any event or discipline had in Caribbean athletes, my attention was pon dem alone and I was hollering fuh dem from the beginning till the end. I doan hail fuh the USA in any kind o’ sporting event at all but I had tuh keep praying and shouting fuh my boy Christian Taylor, who does do the same triple jump fuh the USA.
He happens tuh be from good Bajan stock. He is the grandson of Grantley Taylor, my boyfriend fuh years from Cave Shepherd, and the son of his son Ian, who is my good friend, too, from years back when we used tuh work out together in the Gym. I hear dat he is, like his name, a good Christian man – now dat is the icing pon the cake.
This is a time fuh celebrating all o’ the Caribbean athletes who performed admirably and gave of their very best at the London Olympics. While I cahn call all o’ the names off-hand, the first one dat jumps out right away is Kirani James from li’l Grenada, who excelled and put his country’s name on the world map. Then there was Kurt Felix, who was doing real good in the decathlon and all the other Grenadians.
Oh, and Trinidad and Tobago. I was so proud o’ dem, duh did good, I was really happy tuh see the amount o’ athletes dem had but Jamaica takes the cake.
Everybody know dat Jamaica was going tuh be a force tuh be reckoned wid but duh do the dog. I hoarse from bawling fuh dem. While my sister was hollering fuh Bolt in the 100 metres, I was bawling at the top o’ my voice fuh Weir, I did not want nuhbody tuh get dah bronze medal, especially the American who was ’longside o’ he tuh he left, puffing and gine.
Next week I gine talk a lot more ’bout these Olympics, the good, the bad, the ugly and the indifferent, but fuh right now, congratulations, team Jamaica! Thanks fuh going out there wid determination and showing the rest o’ the Caribbean how it is done. Thanks fuh setting the pace. Thanks fuh raising the world bar. Thanks tuh the Jamaica Government fuh showing up the other Caribbean Governments and letting them see dat politics ain’t evahthing and dat in order tuh get good returns, ya gotta invest in ya people.
Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.