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What’s Trending: Prayers for mum who was burnt

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What’s Trending: Prayers for mum who was burnt

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The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending today in Barbados.
Nation readers are today praying for Lynette Stoute, the 23-year-old mother, who received burns to over 83 per cent of her body on Thursday.
Up to yesterday Stoute was still fighting for her life at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital after being badly burnt at her Diamond Valley, St Philip home as she tried to save her three children, who unknown to her, had already escaped the blaze..
Stoute is to be airlifted soon for treatment,
Our readers have been following this story.
Divina Mitchell: “This is a great mother who will stand to the end for her kids. God will guide and protect her. Thanks to him that they were no fatalities. My prayers to her, the family and her kids. Great job mom God will reward you, You are a brave woman strong and courageous.”
Margaret Ross: “The most important thing here is that the young lady is getting the opportunity, hopefully, to survive her burns. It’s very important because if infection sets in, it’s going to be a serious problem. With God’s help and the doctors in Miami, and of course the young lady’s strength, I’m sure we are all praying for her recovery so that she get back to her children and her family.”
Conchita Moseley:  “Continue to pray for this very brave mother. It is very sad indeed.”